Creating "Looks" in Studio2

Why can’t you create a “Look” in Studio 2 from an image taken from Pinterest just as you would from your own image?

A “Look” in Studio is like a preset in other applications, it is a set of filters to be applied to an image.

Don, thank you for your response. I totally understand that a “Look” is like a preset. You take an image into Studio 2, you apply various filters until you are happy with the results, and if you want to receive similar results on other images, you save, or add the look. My question is, why can’t you take a jpeg image from Pinterest, add filters to it, and then add it as a look just like you would do using one of your own images? I have tried this on several images from them, and it doesn’t work. I don’t understand why not? I find that you can add it as a “Look” but when you go to apply it to another image, it looks nothing like the “Look” you just created.

When you say it doesn’t work can’t you apply the look to images loaded to instagram after you download the image?

You will also see that various Stylistic Filters such as AI ReMix, Glow, Abstract etc., etc. Will apply differently to different images because of their color and dynamic range base. Some creative filters such as Bloom may also be effected.

For example:


Here is what I’m trying to do. I like the look of this image from Pinterest. I want to add this to “Add Look” in Studio 2 so that I can get some of my photos to look similar. I can accomplish this when I use my own photos, but not this one. Maybe you can try to see what happens.

That isn’t how looks, or presets, work as they cannot “copy” the way a picture looks. You need to create a Look, or preset, using the available filters.

Studio 2 cannot reverse engineer an existing picture to create a Look.

That’s what I thought, so I used a few filters on the image from Pinterest, but was careful not to change the look of the photo too much. I.E. Lightened it a little, added a slight bit of saturation, and sharpness, a little detail, etc. So when I was done, the image looked close to the original. So when I saved the look and applied it to another photo, it didn’t look anything like the look I had just created. Hope this is clear.

That image has been modified to look like a watercolor, try using the Impression filter and any watercolor looks.

The Pinterest image I attached earlier was actually a copy of an actual watercolor painted image. I’ve tried all kinds of watercolor presets along with Impression and have come up with fairly good results, but nothing that looks like a real watercolor painting. If you have any examples that you have done in the past I would very much like to see them. Thanks.

What you can try is using a combination of B&W, Impression and Curves adjusting the look. The B&W is used to accentuate the edges, Impression to add a Water Color look and reverse the Curve to flatten the image. Note that you need to adjust the Opacity and Blend as required:

Download this file and place it in your My Looks folder which, on Windows, is held in the following folder: “DiskID:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2\Looks”

You will need to remove the “.txt” from the file: Base Water Color.tpr.txt (3.5 KB)

Thanks Don, I’ll give this a try.