Creating a New Thread on the Forum

Apologies for asking this here, but for the obvious reason I can’t ask it elsewhere: How the heck do I start a new topic? I can’t seem to see ANY darn button or link (in Safari under latest macOS Catalina).



Choose the category from the drop down list and then press the “+” Icon.

  • does nothing!!! (if the category list is open, + opens a search, so I know that the site is reacting to the + key but with the category list closed, nothing happens)

In this case I have selected Topaz Products, which takes me to that category, then in the bottom RH side you will see a “+”, hover over that and you can see it says “+ New Topic”

If it doesn’t for you just make your post here and i will categorize and title it for you.

I elevated your permissions. That may have been what was preventing you from creating a topic.

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He has already created the post Russell.

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