Create "snapshots" to view edits side-by-side

Using the side by side comparison to see changes done to the original is great, but sometimes I wish I could easily see changes done from one edit to another. (Essentially identical idea to the post “Allow side-by-side comparison with different edits”)

Possible UI solution to this:

Perhaps a button could be added in the lower toolbar to the left of the “Capture” button and the various viewing modes. This button button when pressed creates a "snapshot’ of the current settings, then updates your current viewing mode with the snapshot.

If your’e using the side-by-side or the slider mode, the left preview will be your last created snapshot, and the right would be the currently edited preview where your new changes are applied. The “fullscreen preview” or whatever it’s called would operate the same way, just with the last snapshot being seen when you press or move around the preview.

More buttons:

In addition to the “Snapshot” button at the bottom, above the preview could have some UI as well, like a selector for which snapshot to compare against. A button could be placed in the top left above the preview to select which snapshot (or the original image) to compare to.

As far as I can see, right now the only way to achieve something like this is to create a capture from the button in the bottom toolbar, but this is just too inconvenient a thing to do. Only being able to save it as an image in files, having to open it separately, and not having full quality and maneuverability of the image is not good enough.

Is this to better view different settings rather than one setting compared to the original?

Correct, to compare edit after edit.

I came here to make the same request.

Sometimes it’s difficult to discern whether an incremental change made the image better or worse (especially because the image often takes quite a while to update). Getting an image just right requires a fair bit of tinkering, so the ability to more clearly see the effects of an adjustment would make the whole process much more pleasant and accelerate familiarity with the settings themselves.

I would suggest a toggle that allows the user to choose between “Show Original” and “Show Previous” for the comparison feature.

An extra enhancement would be a “revert to previous” but that would be difficult to implement because it would require holding a complete image version history in memory and performance optimization is already a top priority.

The requested feature to just compare the current output with the immediately previous image would still require some sort of snapshot to be taken as part of the render, but the performance hit would be much smaller and wouldn’t have scaling memory consumption risks like a complete history would.

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