Crazy-long downloads

I am a big TOPAZ fan and salute the team for continuing to develop their products.

However, is anyone working to reduce the crazy download times? I am a media professional who works with loads of software: if my entire Adobe suite can update in less that one hour, how come PhotoAi is still trying to download updates after 3 hours? I just re-started PhotoAi after a painfully long download and it immediately says “Some model need to be re-downloaded before processing the image”. Is it just me, or could there not be a faster solution?

Yes does seem a crazy amount of time.

Mine only took 45mins and no models needed downloading afterwards.

Topaz is slow compared to other software I use.

Something they should improve, I agree.

hmm… no problems here with the download, it only takes a few minutes at most, I don’t understand why many people here have this problem

Depends on your internet speed.