Crashes when using the add/ remove subject

Program crashes when using the add/ remove subject
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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

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hi i personaly like these improvements, so that i can select each section as i want to edit it. i never want to sharpen an entire image or reduce noice over the entire thing. so i appreciate these features. However, the remove tool is better than photoshop when it works but after the initial run for me with these updates every time i try to remove anything the app crashes now. Also i tried a batch edit of 13 photos. and it ran auto pilot however even though i ran as the plug in. not one of my edits saved back to lightroom classic. i also would love if i could preserve original details. through the plug in . its quite annoying to have to do the edits and then export and reimport through photo edit in just to try to access this feature. would be nice to have it on reduce raw noise also. these updates would make my workflow so much smoother which is why i purchased this software in the first place to help speed things up. but its really just slowing me down. also i wish this app would also work on HEIC images from my phone as those without a flash tend to be very noisey and that would help me fix issues with photos i take when i am without my R6 ii . thanks

Thanks for the feedback about the new update.

I’d like to get some more information about the workflow that you are referencing. Can you confirm which Lightroom plugin you are using from the list below:

  • RAW Plugin > accessed through File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo
  • External Editor Plugin > accessed through Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI

Lightroom Plugin Batch Editing Information:

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