Crashes when changing settings frequently

Changing the type of upscale or the amount of upscale is frequently crashing Gigapixel for me. This is new for the system I’m running on - didn’t have crashes before 7.02 (but not sure what I was running before update). Maybe I can change 2-3 settings before a crash. Sometimes (about 10% of the time) Gigapixel will automatically relaunch and continue. But, mostly I have to relaunch myself and load the image I was working on again.

What are the specs of your system?

Additionally, make sure that your machine meets the system requirements for Gigapixel.

I have Xeon E-2286M (8-core, 16-thread), 64GB RAM, and RTX-4000 sff GPU w/20GB. Windows 11 Pro.

Please reach out to support for further assistance.

I don’t like for users to share system profiles on our public forum.

But you asked…

I know, I just didn’t want to dive in deeper to troubleshooting. That’s what I meant. Sorry for the confusion!