Crash on Ver. 5.1.1

We used to export uncompressed AVI (1080p) from After Effects and then import it into Video AI. We didn’t experience this issue before, but now every crash happens when we click or slide the timeline in Video AI. Therefore, we have reverted to Ver. 5.0.4.


Totally sick of this program, errors, too slow, have just updated 5th June 2024, and the bloody timeline is NOT working! How is anyone supposed to work with this? Why should we have to revert to an earlier version? Why not make sure the “new” version works before putting an update on? I don’t know how to get an old version back. I am NOT a computer programmer and nor should I have to be! I paid good money for this product and it continually fails there is no one to phone to get it sorted! I want someone from Topaz to contact me and sort these issues out!

Can you share the logs from the app that included these crashes?

okay (721.2 KB)

If you need to revert to a previous version we keep all the installer files listed on the Video AI releases - community page and you will just need to download and run the installer for that version. Can you also share your logs from the app to see what is going on?

In the logs you shared I am only seeing mp4 files being used as inputs, did you change from avi? Also can you confirm the full export format and codec out of AE that you were using?

logs from Ver. 5.0.4?

Yes I am seeing mp4 files in v5.0.4 logs.

The issue is resolved in Ver. 5.1.3, with no crashes at all. Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:

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