Crash on save to Lightroom

How may I return to the previous version of Topaz? I never had this problem.

Download the installer from the Releases thread on this forum.

Hi @rickhstudio, were you able to resolve this on your own or are you still experiencing this crash?

It kept happening so I went back to version 1.3.5 and the problems disappeared. Your program may have outgrown my computer. I am really sorry because I love Topaz PhotoAI for my Noise reduction and sharpening. I do wish I could set Lens blur as a permanent sharpening method. I am running an AMD FX 8350, 8 core 4.3 Ghz with 32 GB of RAM, 64bit windows 10 pro 22H2 I went back to Denoise AI for awhile. It was much faster but I don’t think it did as good a job. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Rick Harding

If you’d like, we can help you try to troubleshoot the latest version! If you re-download the latest version and re-create the crash, and then immediately re-open Topaz Photo AI and go to Help > Open Log Folder – please attach all of these files directly to this thread so our specialists can have a look at them.

I’ll move this thread over to the ‘bugs’ side of our forums if you’d like us to help out :slight_smile: