Crash at the finalisation of enhance

Hi, I create this post because at the end of the enhance, when time counter go to 00s, an other process take the enhance file and copy it to my HDD.
Short file, less 10 minute or long, more 1 hour, I have many and many windows crash a this moment.
The process push so hard on CPU… They was at around 80 celcius degres and go instantly for 5 seconde to 86-88 degres.
The windows crash come always a this moment…

I’ve bought RTX 4090 to replace a RTX 3070 and the crash appeared in this period and are on 1/3 of my export now.
With 3070 never have this issue.

I don’t have any report issue to share because they crash windows entirely, sometime i’ve windows error in windows logs, sometime i’ve juste nothing but issue is same, the file are corrupted by windows crash at the end of process when TopazVideo copy final file in HDD

I create this post with lot of pain and no idea.
Hours and hours of enhance was just corrupted at the end of process, because the end of AI process push my CPU over the limit.
ALL Model create this crash.

Can you help me ?

Windows 10
MSI B550 Tomahawk
Ryzen 9 5950x
Nvidia RTX 4090
64 GB ram 4 x 16 gskill trident 3600 cas 16 DDR4
Topazvideo V4.1.0
All Nvidia driver are update, last BIOS on my motherboard.
Windows is on 1 SSD, topaz video on other SDD and the target for final file are in HDD
My system is reliable, no crash in various game, no crash in stress test, no crash when AI is in progresse only lot of crash when the file start to copy in my HDD at the end.
I’ve limited my CPU with 135 Watt max nothing change.

Hope you can help me, have a nice day.

Lets have you create a support ticket and send in the logs to the team for review. This will probably be the fastest way to get it resolved.

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