Crash at 89% but deleted the completed tiff files

My project Crashed at 89% which isn’t the issue. Why does it permanently delete the completed tiff files? I could have picked up where it left off. But instead, I have to start over and render in smaller chunks to ensure I can protect the work it does complete. by any chance are the files still recoverable and I just can’t find them?


Hbie Ray, you have obviously, never rendered out uncompressed video frame by frame. when upscaling a video, Topaz Video generates individual .tiff files of each frame of the video into a chosen directory. that is thousands of files, more if you interpolate frame rate. if it reaches 100% of all of the frames of footage (1 frame per .Tiff file.) everything is great. BUT, When it unexpectedly crashes several hours later, instead of simply stopping, Topaz permanently deletes all 25,000 files ( or whatever it was up to)

I’ve only heard of it doing that if the storage drive gets full.
If it really crashed, it won’t be running to be able to delete the files.
Did you run out of space?

I output to PNG on all my three hour plus long videos. PNG because TVAI changes the colorspace to RGB48le for processing and it’s lossless and smaller than Tiff. The only reason left to use tiff that I can think of is compatibility with another program that cannot open PNG or to keep the non-square pixel values. But with resolutions past DVD standards, non-square pixels are very rare.
Anyway, for a three hour video at 1920 by 1080, PNG takes up about 1TB of space. Tiff would easily be double that.