CPU Usage

I am enjoying using A.I. Gigapixel in CPU Mode. I did notice that each image is only using 40-65% of my available physical cores (12 Core Xeon). Is there a limit to the number of cores the application can utilize at a single time?

So its been a few days and was wondering if anyone had some ideas on this?
Is this normal due to the number of cores in my system?
Would enabling HT on the system cause the application increased the threads, in turn better utilization.

The program seems to be running fine, just not utilizing all the available cpu cores available.
I did get a small boost in processing time by changing windows power settings, so the cpu cores will not clock down as much.

You would get much better performance if you have a good graphics card and use it. Even your Xenon CPUs are relatively slow but it won’t matter if you have a good GPU.
I ran a test using my GPU and it ran at about 95% utilization (see below).