CPU problem issue on Topaz Video Enhance AI

Hi, please fix CPU issue and improve CPU performance. My machine have Xeon 24 core CPU and 64GB RAM. But it always stuck at 65% in 8k + 120FPS processing , sometime even in 2k and 4k. Please fix this!!! Thank you

Why do you use a cpu to render a video instead of a gpu that could do this job 4 times faster?


Because I use CPU to render 3D. I don’t have good GPU.

Xeons are not know for being fast. The can do a lot at the same time. If the program is made to do a lot of short tasks at the same time, they are really fast. TVAI is made in such a way that even the lower tier newer GPUs can process faster then two or three Xeons (hypothetically) fully loaded with the same task.


The issue is not fast or slow. It cannot run successfully.

The GUI might freeze, but is ffmpeg still running in the background? Would you be willing to try running the command TVAI generates in the command line?

New version fixed it. Thanks for reaplying anyway. It take 11min to convert my very short video. But I’m okay with it. I can blend them with Topaz Photo AI and some other AI software to have best result :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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