Couple minor tweaks in work flow

Very nice work, folks! Two items I’d like to see:
Unlock crop default ratio from Original and allow locking on another ratio, or Custom, and
Once you click on “Save” to enter the final export setting and Click the next Save, allow the program to clear without having to click on “Close Window”, which should be automatic since there’s nothing else to do.

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Thanks for the kind words!

You can change the aspect ratio by using the dropdown menu under aspect ratio. Also, you can have the images close after saving by going to the Topaz Photo AI menu option > Preferences > General > Close After Saving. Edit > Preferences if you’re on Windows.

I really love what this software does for restoring old photos, saving me hours and hours of painstaking work.

Yes, I’ve seen that. Guess I didn’t express myself properly- the other aspect ratios will stay put for when you’re running batch work, which is handy but, if you’re working with old photos with various aspect ratios, having to click-click-click to return to Custom gets old pretty fast; cannot this be locked down also?

“Close Window” does not work (at least on my computer) as you would expect- I hit Save Image, Save, and then must still Close Window. I’ve changed that setting, closed the program, even rebooted, and still refuses to behave. Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, 128GB Ram.

That’s odd, are you using the latest version of the app?

Yes. 1.5.3