Could Video AI reduce heat shimmer?

Kyle at Topaz suggested that I put this idea up in the Community Forum for a vote, so here it is.

Of all technical issues confronting a videographer, heat shimmer is the most intractable. We’ve all seen it when filming anywhere the temperature near the ground is different from higher up. Shooting over a hot car, a hot pavement, a cold lake, ice, or just with a long telephoto lens, images shimmer and wiggle, making them almost impossible to use. Enlargement or attention to details in the image make it more visible. Because it has to do with changing expansion or contraction of volumes of air you are shooting through, it is totally random. That’s what makes it intractable.

I was almost being facetious when I e-mailed the Help Desk, and was surprised when Kyle suggested using the Jittery Motion or Rolling Shutter controls as partial solutions. He then suggested that the team might want to tackle heat shimmer if enough users were interested. For me, shooting outdoors at long distances, it would be a game changer. Any one else interested?


I would love for that feature. I hope they look at developing it.