Could give a warning on Disk Space!

I have used Topaz Labs products for a while and as such was tempted by Video AI 4.0, which I purchased.

I have a quite powerful Windows 10-based PC with a good NVIDIA card and 64Gb RAM on the CPU.

I started playing with the software to learn, but kept getting out of space errors. I adjusted the locations to a larger disk BUT my 500 gB SSD C drive was COMPLETELY FULL!

I think a 500 gB is reasonable for this hardware setup, but I saw the mega sized temp files used by Video AI and the models (OK, also a lot from Gigapixel, too). I have managed to clean up the disk a lot by using Kosky John’s Disk Max, but even so, I have not seen any requirements saying I had to have a massive SSD as a C drive, or that it was best from the get go to define paths for the models/temp/output files.

Am I the only one to have this issue?

Bottom line: Please inform customers that they have to have a sufficíently-sized C Drive!

As soon as you enter the field of video editing or advanced photo editing, it’s over with small hardware.

I wouldn’t put 500gb in any of my devices, even if it was for gaming.

The absolute minimum is 1TB for C, the optimum is 2TB for C and 4TB and more for your active files.

It may be that a drive is only needed for cache files to ensure a smooth workflow.

64 GB ram is minimum too.

128 is optimal, keep the 2TB C drive in mind bc its the scratch drive when ram is full and windows will fill C with temp files the whole time.

My worst caste was 400 GB (scratch + Ram) while image editing.

(120 GB SSD space + 64 GB RAM yesterday while betatest Topaz photo AI)

Depending on your workflow you will need less space.

“Know your workflow”.

The thing is that you not just use one software a time but several and all of them need space.

You can also change your TMP and TEMP folders to somewhere that’s not in drive C:

I highly recommend this since 512GB SSDs wear out faster than 1TB or larger.

Thanks for the heads-up on C drive SSDs. I have a 1GB that I can clone to. I will also change the temp locations.

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