Corrupted file when machine sleeps during render

Was rendering my first “big” file out of Topaz and it was looking spectacular.

I left the machine for dinner, expecting it to be done later. Machine was set to sleep after 20 minutes, but Topaz didn’t keep it awake. Machine went to sleep. On wake Topaz showed an error, and I had to re-run the render.

Now I have a 13GB MOV file that is corrupt and cannot be deleted.

Please have Topaz keep machine awake during render.

Windows 11
Topaz Video.AI v.3.2.9

Hi Steve, you can finish processing this file by performing the following;

Open the unplayable file in the app. Set the export to “without preview” (File > Preferences > Output) and then export it without turning on any filter.

You will want to make sure that your machine does not go to sleep when you are processing in Topaz Video AI, however, even if your machine goes to sleep the file should not be corrupt.

Is it possible you ran out of memory?

Hi, Ida.

Thanks for the info. I couldn’t open the file. Even just clicking on it would cause Explorer to do the spinny thing and eventually crash.

Fortunately this was on a temporary drive and I copied what I needed off and reformatted.

No problems so far having extended time before sleep.




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