Copying presets to another computer

Hi, can anyone help me on this one, for the life of me I cannot see a way to copy my own preset that I’ve created to another computer.

So if it is possible (surely it is)… how do you export one of your own presets, that is stored in the ‘My Effects’ folder of the presets.

And then how do you import it on the other computer?


Save as * tsp to a directory and copy from there. On another computer, Open image or project and save it to My Effects.

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What product are you talking about?

Brilliant, that worked, many thanks Jan

Topaz Studio.

Using TSP is the best option at this time as User Preset backup and sync has been disabled in Studio 1.13. All users will be notified when User Preset sync has returned. When the feature is re-enabled all new user presets that have been created will be correctly synced.

thanks for that info, so from that I take it that normally the user presets are synced between the different computers that someone is using but that at the moment this functionality is disabled but it will return in a future version… good to know, thanks


I hope that “sync” means either I will be able to back up my presets on my computer or they will back up to my Topaz account. I only have one computer.

Any progress on this Don?

Don’t know Mark, I’ll check later and if there is a change I’ll make a post here.

Thanks. Ya this technique works for most presets but not for anything with a texture. The texture itself doesn’t get copied so not sure how to deal with those…