Copy+Paste Input Settings Doesn't Work, Batch Processing Entirely Impractical

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Copy+Paste settings function does not work properly at all, making this very expensive software program essentially useless to me because I have no practical way of batch processing videos reliably.

Whenever I select an input and paste copied settings from another input, the changes are initially reflected in the output settings as they should be. However, if I then select another input briefly and then re-select the input to which I just pasted those copied settings, the pasted settings changes are not saved. Not all of them, mind you, just the FPS output target is not saved. It reverts back to the original FPS of the input video. The rest of the changed settings still remain.

This issue doesn’t always happen either. I’ve tested it with different input video file types and input directory locations. I’ve even done it with the exact same input video files on different instances of Topaz. It seems completely random whether or not this bug takes effect, yet makes the program completely unreliable and unusable for me when processing more than a single video at a time. The issue also persists in the same manner if I select all inputs and paste my copied settings instead of pasting them to a single input.

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I tried to take a video and upload that but it won’t let me upload a video extension. Pictures won’t help in highlighting the problem.

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