Copy & interchange masks across all Topaz Products

Thank you, but you still forgot to copy the mask in series of similar tif photos of video origin.
Investigate a filter like Photoshop’s neural to smooth facial features.
Look at the attached result achieved with Topaz Sharpen and taken to PS neural filter.
The results of your Antony.Law work are very consistent.
I attach a photo made with the process.
The serial work error is still maintained.
Enters at 25 frames per second in tiff and exits at 30 frames second. Unsolvable problem with audio synchronism in the video post After Effect CC 2022.

Note this was moved to here as it does not fit with the Sharpen AI thread as Sharpen simply applies sharpening to images, doesn’t process videos.

For two years through PS. I make copies of 10 seconds video to 16-bit Tiff format.
10 x25 = 250 images. This series of tiff images is processed normally in all Topaz programs with high quality results.
The constant request to implement the mask copy function to the entire series would save many hours of work.
Your response very unprofessional.
Please forward it to the responsible anthony.lawn
Topaz Sharpen AI Beta Software Engineer.

Done in the feature request category, don’t forget to vote for it by clicking Vote in the top LH corner.