Cool, Clear Water

Colorized and painted a black and white photo found on the Internet. I may have gone overboard with the snow.


everything about this image is fabulous


Thank you Sharon…

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Overboard??? Not for me…love it!

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Oh, I’m glad then …thank you.

Very nice edit Bob !

Beautiful result Bob …

The colorization really brought the image to life and I love the snow effect

Very nicely done!

Is it me or does it look a bit sunny for snow?

(Otherwise another wonderful job Bob!)

Not overboard for me either. It is fabulous.

@ronlhodges, @AiDon, @KenKv, @rasmus160, @Michael_DeLisio, @sjssjs, many thanks to all for looking and your kind comments. Michael, I did darken it two times but I may have put to much shine on it.

Wonderful image Bob. Superb in fact!

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Thanks much David …