Convoluted Login Process

Lately I’ve noticed that I have to go through several screens to login to the forum.

When I go to

I click Login and get the following:

I then check “remember me” and click on Login and get the following:

I then have to click on the Connect menu and select Forum to get the following:

Notice that even though I am logged in, it indicates that I am not logged in. I tried refreshing the page and still not logged in. Finally I clicked on Login again and then it finally shows me as logged in.

Since no one else has mentioned this I’m wondering if it’s just me.:upside_down:


I’ve noticed the same issues and it’s been that way for a while.


If I log in on a different machine, I log in. Then when I return to my main machine, my origin is detected and I have to login in again. Ok fair enough.
if I go straight to
I login in with my ID etc and get to the Account part of the site.
I navigate to the forum
I see that I’m asked to log in (!!!XXXXXX???)
But clicking on the log in button takes me straight to the forum page.
Confused? Certainly!

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Not come across this … yet …

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I’m on Windows 7 and have not had this problem. When I load, I get automatically logged in.

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“Since no one else has mentioned this I’m wondering if it’s just me”

Not just you, I’ve been experiencing this for over a month. Very frustrating and a total waste of time!

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Even curiouser …
I get an email notice of a posting … I click on the link to view it … but I can’t because it needs me to log in
But if I go to directly … I don’t need to log in

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I go thru the same steps (process as you) but once I’m logged in and go to Connect_Forum_ I just click on the login button on the forum page and I have access to the forum with not further login required. Seems like a long process to go thru though?

This has always worked this way. You have to be signed in, first, for the login button to “just work”. This is because the forum itself does not have a login process – instead, we use the website to login. It was been this way since 2015 when I joined the company ¯\_(ツ)_/¯