Conversion to DNG does not work cleanly

Hello Topaz Team,

One thing first, Topaz is a great software and I am happy to have purchased a license. But unfortunately I found that the conversion to DNG does not work cleanly. It shows a yellow color cast and some warping. I have tried it with RAW files from several cameras. Attached are 4 images that were not corrected or processed. Only sharpening and denoising was done in Topaz AI with default settings.
I am happy to provide my original RAW file for experimentation. The original RAW file used a linear camera profile, not an Adobe profile. Like e.g. Adobe Standard. Even if an already converted DNG file is used in LR, there is the same effect.
The whole thing is also independent of the hardware. As operating system I use on the desktop PC and laptop Dell XPS13, Windows 11 Pro.

My workflow looks like this:
In LR I imported the original ORF raw file (Olympus E-M1 Mark II) and converted it once in Topaz to TIF and the other in Topaz to DNG. Here you can already clearly see a difference in the image. The DNG image does not reflect the original color and geometry by far. This is also true for other RAW files, such as from the OM1 or Nikon D700.

M1-no-develop-original-190422-105421.jpg Original import in Lightroom
M1-om-workspace-tif-190422-105421.jpg TIF import from OM Workspace
M1-no-develop-topaz-dng-190422-105421.jpg Conversion to DNG from LR to Topaz AI
M1-no-develop-topaz-tif-190422-105421.jpg Conversion to TIF from LR to Topaz AI

Is there any explanation for this, also the converted files are very large.