Constant Rate Factor in Topaz Video AI 3.x

I can’t find CRF settings in latest version using H265 encode into mp4 container. It’s not there in H264 either.

Can anyone tell me where it is?

If not, please bring it back!

– Sheldon.

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What you are asking for, is that they include libx264 and libx265 in the TVAI enabled ffmpeg.
The reason they might not be enabled is because of licensing issues. If there are no such issues, then I don’t see why they’re not included.

For now, you are left with the options of: 1, getting an additional version of ffmpeg with those enabled, or 2, if someone has the know-how, Topaz is supplying the means for someone to compile ffmpeg with the TVAI filters and whatever else they should choose to include.

Thanks for your reply!

I hope it’s not licensing and CRF can be implemented again… and that it gets done.

Options 1 and 2 don’t appeal to me much, but possibly down the road.

Thanks again, Sheldon.