Constant Issues with Grid Artifacts on Photo AI 1.5.2

I’ve been getting sporadic grid artifacts in images processed with Photo AI for some time now. This has been going on across several version updates. Images were batch processed directly in Photo AI but only a few have these issues. Glad to supply the RAW file if necessary. The attached screenshot was edited for effect in Lightroom to highlight the problem but the grid is visible in the untouched DNG from Photo AI. I’ve had to go back and reprocess many images now after finding these artifacts since I began using PAI. If I’m doing something wrong, I’d be glad to know that too. There are a few other threads here about this issue but none has a resolution.

EDIT - I uploaded the CR3 but the DNG is too big to upload. If you want it you’ll have to send me a link.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Process CR3 file in Photo AI on autopilot.

Topaz Photo AI v1.5.2 (and previous versions) on Windows

2023-08-23-19-20-31.tzlog (9.4 KB)

_MG_6612.CR3 (11.2 MB)

Thanks for reaching out. We are working on a fix for this issue that will be releasing in two weeks on September 7.

Please update to v2.0 when it is released and this will be fixed in the Raw models.

I just tested this same file in the new Raw models and the grid is no longer there.

Thanks! Can’t wait!

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Hello all, I have a build for Topaz Photo AI which has a potential fix for the grid artifact when upscaling.

Please install the below Beta build and try upscaling some images to see if the grid artifact appears.
Mac build
Windows build

Please share any feedback regarding the grid artifact, if it’s still happening or if it seems to be fixed for you.

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