Constant full reinstall Updates Make Company Look Unprofessional

It’s disconcerting that a minor bug fix requires a very sizeable download and complete reinstall.
It’s more disconcerting that the frequency of the updates is many, many times a month.
I think there may have been 3 in the last week alone.

Great product that I am using more and more professionally, which means deadlines, and clients, and creative experimentation with many different types of software running seamlessly all at once, and then there’s Topaz with another update. It’s like driving cousin Ernie across country and Ernie fears his bladder bursting so you have to stop every 15 minutes to let him go to the bathroom. Ernie’s a great guy, hilarious as can be, but you’d never want to do another cross country trip again.

Your software guys have to understand your customers better.

Creative pace is funny. It relies on seizing moments of inspiration and go-go-go time, and getting ‘in the zone’ is really important.
And then there’s Topaz, insisting on holding everything up to do a whole reinstall to address a minor bug fix on a scroll bar that doesn’t look just quite right.

Of course, I don’t have to do the install, but… when I’m getting for a one hour render… now this is a new darn decision I have make.

Make the software modular or the updates a background process, or have an app like Creative Cloud which just manages all this stuff. This update rollout strategy is just so disruptive.

The updates are once a week, plus hot fixes.
Admittedly, I have never seen a non-web-based application have such a short update cycle, but it’s really needed for the amount of instabilities and incomplete features this program still has. It is also because of those lackings, that everything needs to be totally reinstalled every update.

Maybe they will add a component updater later on, when TVAI becomes more robust.

Having read most of the complaints and issues that people have had with TVAI since its early access, I disagree. The short update cycle does not make them look unprofessional. If they were to release updates, even every two weeks, the user base would have higher levels of discontent.

As for big downloads. Movies are some of the largest digital files possible. AI models can also be huge. TVAI luckily has been able to make great models without them being impractically large. Since it deals with such complex things as AI models and digital videos, it’s no wonder that TVAI is a larger download. This is a long-winded way of explaining that anyone thinking to use TVAI, should expect to need high speed internet for big downloads, and a newer beefy computer.
If TVAI were 60GB like modern computer games, and still requiring a complete download and reinstall every week for an update… that would be unacceptable. If I had to put a limit on it, I would say 5GB is the largest I would accept before starting to complain that downloads need to be optimized. And in that case, I would probably only update if the change log stated it fixed something I cared about.

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I agree, the V2.6 version does not have such a fast update because it is relatively mature. In fact, you don’t have to update it all the time, because the content of each update is very small, and you can wait until the function you want to appear before doing it.

I agree. Often there is a 3.0 or something release, and than in the same day 3.1 because someone reported a bug on the forum. And whole 3+GB download. Its very unprofessional indeed. There should be major release updates and everything else, incremental updates of whatever the difference is. Usually its only few MB or less. Requiring to download 3GB instead of 3MB and having to do full reinstall is really unprofessional. It should not be like that. The same is true for updates that even after reinstall don’t remove old models sometimes but leave it next to new ones with no clear way to tell which ones are safe to delete. This was somewhat mitigated with Video Enhance AI, but still a problem in Gigapixel, which by the way as many have complained does not even have uninstall feature. its missing in action somewhere.

I think they try to make the second digit a major update. Like from 3.0.12 to 3.1.0.

The more I think about it, the more I agree they should at the least start adding a component updater.

I think the only thing you can expect is the model manager.