Constant error messages when running TopazVideoAI-3.0.6

I’m constantly getting either corrupted video outputs OR different red x error messages when trying to run Video Ai with different DJI drone video clips.
Here’s the history of my problems:
Purchased Entire Topaz Labs suite on Black Friday (2022). I installed the software on my new Windows 11 computer build (Intel Core i9 12900K, MSI GTX 3080Ti GPU, 2TB Samsung 980 Pro Gen 4 M2 NVMe SSD, Corsair 64GB DDR5 5200 RAM). The first 6 times I used the software to run 4k 8x and 4x slow motion renders with stabilization and GAIA enhancement. I had no errors. This was prior to the latest Video Ai software update.

Around the 7th time I used the software with a different video clip I started getting wild oscillations and then the screen would start to turn pink. This type of error happened about 5 times when I tried running the software. I also started having issues where the Windows Explorer window would freeze when trying to either load new video clips from Video Ai or when trying to drag videos into the Video Ai session. Response from the Topaz Labs tech department said this was most likely due to not having the Auto Crop option selected when running stabilization. I got the same corrupted files when running the software with Auto Crop. Also, up to this point I had never gotten a red X error message while running the software. Just corrupted output videos. I also couldn’t kill the Video Ai session without doing a forced restart. Task Manager - End Task wouldn’t kill the session.

Since I still had my Windows 10 disk, I decided to install it (12/10/2022 today) to see if there would be any improvement. Now, with Windows 10 installed, I get various red x error messages when running the software. I’ve tried different video source clips and get different red x error messages. The only software on my machine now are Topaz Labs programs, DaVinci Resolve, and VLC video viewer. I held off on loading other programs to see if there may be some sort of conflict.

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you know what i would do? i would make a short 30 second clip that makes the error, then upload that clip to google drive and share the link here then the topaz labs can test it out and debug it.

if you cant post links make some replies look and threads for a day or two then your trust level will go up and it will say in message you can post links. then you can share your google drive link.