Console - What a Funny Word With Many Definitions

Here is the Kotzschmar Organ console - first image with a bit of Glow to it and then two SOC images of the side stop panels - these should be seen large:


Love what Glow did to the grain in the wood.

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Very nice and interesting details and I like the processing.

Does your title refer to the word “manual” ? :wink:

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that would work, but I was thinking of console - I would console them if their console was broken and want to view tapes on the security camera console while dringing a glass of Scotch and putting back on the console table


Great sentence!

I wont even try to use all the definitions of “organ” in one sentence… :smiling_imp:

you can’t imagine how hard it has been not to do that one

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I agree… the wood grain is brought out very nicely.

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