Congrats on the Studio 2 update, Topaz!

By updating Studio 2 it shows you may not abandon it which shows you have principles and a care for your users! So, congrats !

I’m really happy to see that the Histogram finally works properly!

The bad news is that it broke the Photoshop plug-in for me.

It’s there for me…

I’m still using an older version of Photoshop that I never upgraded. Most of the Topaz apps still work fine with it, just not the latest TS2.

Only Photoshop CC & CS are supported although it still seems to work as a plugin for CS6.

And the last dot-update was now a year ago. Is there any news on Topaz Studio? I really like the software, and it offers some unique features I wouldn’t want to miss.

Again raise a support request as per your JPEG to RAW question.

Don’t hold your breath (a) for an update or (b) for a promise of one from Support.
My guess is that Topaz is concentrating on its unique AI products.

You do have a habit of posting nonsense when you have no idea, what makes you the expert on the forum and on Topaz’s strategy … are you an employee?

Don - I do not understand your response to Ray? Ray is politely expressing his opinion. I participate in 10+ forums and this is the only forum where opinions are criticized by the Administrator. For the record, I concur with Ray’s second sentence.

Me too. how did you fix it?

I never was able to “fix it”.