Conflict between AI and Python

Topaz Photo AI kept crashing after processing file usually just moving around the screen, but with 1.4.2 it happened increasing Face strength to 100%.

In preparing my files for submitting it I looked at the logfile and notice this error. ONNX error at 140: Exception during initialization: D:\a_work\1\s\onnxruntime\core\providers\dml\DmlExecutionProvider\src\FusedGraphKernel.cpp(158)\onnxruntime.dll!00007FF9329DD78F: (caller: 00007FF9329DCB9F) Exception(5) tid(aed0) 8007000E Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation.

onnxruntime was installed as part of Python needed to test some Git software. Nothing is installed on the D: drive, but for some reason Topaz tries to run it there and crashes.

I see in the Topaz installer log that it also installs it’s own version of onnxruntime and maybe there is an incompatibility in versions or one had a bad reference to a file that didn’t exist on the D: drive.
C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Photo AI\onnxruntime.dll,State=3,Disk=1,SharedDllRefCount=0,BinaryType=1)

I resolved the issue temporarily by uninstalling Python as I don’t have an immediate need, but I just started using Topaz Photo AI last week and was frustrated that such expensive software would crash so often, but nobody else seemed to have that issue. Very few people would be running Python unless they are a programmer. Thought it might help a few people out. I’m glad I am finally able to use Topaz.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Open a .jpg photo
  2. Step 2 Processes fine.
  3. Step 3 Crashes when dragging around screen or changing the options on the Face setting.

I don’t see an option to attach my log files.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.1 and v1.4.2] on [Windows 11]

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You can upload the log files to my Dropbox instead. We are working on a fix for this.

Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

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