Compare the work produced by VIDEO AI to original? Not the preview

Im using video ai v4.0.7.
Can’t I compare the work produced by VIDEO AI to the original? Not the preview.
This feature used to be there, but it seems to have been removed after a major update. Or maybe I’m missing something, does anyone know anything about this?
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Click the three dots at the bottom right of the window you want to show original.

" Set To Original "

I did what you said but it didn’t work.
For example, in previous versions, when worked on a video with Iris, you could watch a preview while working with comparing it to the original. This is no longer the case. I asked for a workaround for this.

And I gave you the solution.

I guess you misunderstood him. I think he wants to see a live „preview“ of the actual running encode and not just the short preview.

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yes, this is exactly what I said!!