Command unavailable

A recurring issue in both Gigapixel 7.1.3 plus the beta.

When calling Gigapixel from the Automate menu in Photoshop CC (latest build), I consistently (but not always) receive the either the error “The command ‘GigapixelGatherImageDataFilterBeta’ is not currently available” or “Could not start Gigapixel AI. Contact support if the issue continues.”

It will generate this error AFTER it has generated the Gigapixel AI layer in Photoshop.

I have not been able to consistently track down what scenarios trigger the issue. Most often, it occurs after I cancel out of an operation and then re-invoke the plugin.

Again, most often (but not always), the plugin will not work again until the computer is restarted.

Windows 11. Latest build.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 128GB RAM
3 monitor setup 3840x2160 @ 60Hz
12th gen Intel Core i9-12900K

Command Unavailable
Could not start

Hi Matt,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

This is a known issue we are still investigating and are aware of with our Windows users.

There are a few tests we have done that indicate that the issue is file specific.

One suggested workaround is where you can duplicate and convert the original file to a Save For Web PNG file or as a JPG.

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