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I wonder if anyone has come across an induced colour shift after processing a RAW image in Topaz AI? The RAW files in question that I have this problem with are Sony Raw files from an A7R5. Because the images are wildlife, birds in this case the colour shift is really quite problematic.

Im processing the RAW image to create a new dng file in the recommended way from within Lightroom. Even when the RAW file is processed using Topaz AI as a standalone app the result is the same, a distinct colour shit. The resulting image looks as though it has a slight greenish cast.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.1] on [Mac]

Hi @e_a_robinson, can you upload some screenshots of the color shift you’re experiencing in Photo AI? If you can, please also upload one of your original RAW files to this thread so we can test this behavior on our systems as well.

here is a screenshot

You can see the difference between the Lightroom de-noise result on the left and the TopazAI on the right that has a clear green cast to it that is more evident on the green moss at the top of the post.

Im afraid the original Sony Raw file is not recognised by the uploader.

The uploader does not recognise the original RAW image. I can send it via We transfer.

Please try using this dropbox link here, just let me know when you’ve had a chance to upload something;

Submit to Dropbox

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