Ever since updating to 2.0.0 and subsequent updates including 2.0.4 , processing ARW files the colour looks washed out on Photo Ai and when saved into LrC as a DNG remains washed out. If I go to Photo Ai as a Tiff file it is slightly washed out in the Photo Ai app but when saved back to LrC the incoming Tiff is fine. This issue does not occur with NEF files.

This is a known issue with the camera profile and how we read the image data. Our developers are currently investigating this. In the meantime, can you try converting to DNG first and then importing into Photo AI to see if it’s still getting washed out? You can convert to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter:

I tried the conversion to DNG in LrC and although maybe a little better. I have noticed you have still not solved the problem. It works fine going via using LrC Photos/Edit in and converting to a tif. Just going straight from ARW to Photo AI not using LrC there is still a problem so it is not related to anything in LrC.
I look forward to it being resolved as when it was working it is by far the photo improver. I still like Denoise AI but that probably needs a few tweaks now.
Thanks for a great programme. I’m sure you’ll find a solution.


Tony Blake