Colorizing black and white photos

Why isnt this a feature of PhotoAI yet?

I made a task for my team to look into this and hopefully we can get a fix soon.

For now, a solution would be to convert the image to color, process it in Topaz Photo AI with color, then take the output file and convert it back to B&W.

Let me know if that workaround is functioning for you.

No. I mean why isn’t there a feature to colorize b&w photos. Seems like a strange feature to omit from an app whose purpose is photo enhancement etc

Maybe because there are already other apps that do this, as well as websites that will do it for you online for free?

That reasoning is absolutely stupid. Sorry for being honest. Because reasoning like that means the entire app shouldn’t exist.

If it’s so general as you claim. Even more of a reason it should be a feature for a full priced comprehensive product whose purpose is photo ai.

That would depend on how many people Topaz has working on the app and what additional resources it would take to add colorization. The fact there there are companies with apps and websites that do nothing but colorization makes me think that it would be better done by pairing Photo AI with something that already does it.

On the Video AI side where I spend most of my time, I’m endlessly seeing people asking Topaz to add features that would, if implemented, turn TVAI into a clone of Davinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro that would either end up costing 3X what the app is priced at now or worse, would make Topaz a competitor/takeover target for one of the big gun SW companies.

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If you have a pixel editor such as PS, Affinity Photo Gimp etc., it has always been easy using solid color layers, masking and desaturate the original then use blend mode of Color