Color rendition

I have noticed for many months now the colour rendition of PhotoAI has gone through a number of iterations, for a period everything had a colour cast (magenta) in recent updates everything seems to be darker and a slight green colour cast… Is this a problem.

I am using an Apple Mac Powerbook 16" Max with two external monitor all colour corrected with XRite I1 Display calibration tool. I don’t get any color shifts moving between other programs.

Are you using Photo AI as a standalone app or plugin to Lightroom? If you’re using it as a plugin, try using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow which will process a TIF instead of a RAW.

I see the same effect: light levels reduced by ~ 1 f/stop in all images that I send through Topaz Photo AI in batch mode, dragging and dropping .CR3 files from the file system to Photo AI. I can send you the files if you send me a link to your DropBox site; the .DNG is too big to attach here.

Can you submit a support ticket at using the beacon at the bottom right corner of the page? We’ll be able to securely receive files that way and test the conflict you’re running into.