Color Profiles // ProPhotoRGB?

Mac OSX 13.1.0 // iMac 2020

What color profiles do you recommend for Photo Ai?
I am getting a warning in the Topaz Photo Ai 1.3.0 logs.
I am a professional photographer and usually use ProPhotoRGB.
sRGB is not an option for me.
Thank you


“Warn | from IccProfile: failed minimal tag size sanity”

*"Info | Profile is invalid or gamma is 0 on a custom profile. Switching to sRGB colorspace instead. *
[2023-04-19 22:48:20.870, 22.00 μs] [70000c3f4000]

*Info | Invalid profile: QColorSpace(QColorSpace::Primaries::Custom, QColorSpace::TransferFunction::Custom, gamma=0) *
[2023-04-19 22:48:20.870, 30.00 μs] [70000c3f4000]

Info | Converting colorspace: QColorSpace(QColorSpace::ProPhotoRgb, QColorSpace::Primaries::ProPhotoRgb, QColorSpace::TransferFunction::Gamma, gamma=1.80078) => QColorSpace(QColorSpace::SRgb, QColorSpace::Primaries::SRgb, QColorSpace::TransferFunction::SRgb,

Topaz Photo AI will copy the same color profile from the original image to the output image.

The error you are seeing is due to a check we make for custom monitor profiles that can cause a crash. To avoid the crash, we convert the image to sRGB when previewing in Topaz Photo AI. However, the exported image has the same color profile as the original image.

Thank you Lingyu. Much appreciated information!

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