Color profile is off

Since doing the update, I can’t get the correct color profile to show. The image shown in the preview is green and desaturated.

You’ll probably have to enable sRGB Preview Fallback in the preferences.

whelp… I tried that twice yesterday with no luck, but tried it one more time today after seeing your comment and shazam… it worked!! haha! Thank you for the extra push! :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!!

It’s not an ideal solution, because it assumes your monitor colourspace is exactly sRGB, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment. The colour management in TPAI is broken, and not able to work with some monitor colour profiles that every other piece of colour managed software I’ve used are fine with.

Hopefully they’ll get around to fixing it at some point.

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No wonder people are having problems.

Could this not be notified to users?

I think they assumed the introduction of the sRGB Preview Fallback was sufficient. But if they had fixed it, then they wouldn’t need the fallback.

Is this affecting Gigapixel as well, I’m having problems with colour shifts.

Gigapixel doesn’t appear to be affected by this preview problem, but this makes the lack of progress in fixing it in TPAI even more puzzling.

None of this directly affects output files.

Just updated to 2.1.4 and my colours are way off now in PAI, red is orangey/brown.

Was fine on 2.1.2

Is this color shift showing in the output file when viewed outside of TPAI?

No, it is within PAI.

Is sRBG Preview Fallback enabled?

Where do I find that?

It’s in the preferences, in the “General” section.

I see. sRGB is not enabled.

Try viewing with sRGB Preview Fallback enabled, to see what difference it makes. It’s possible the setting got reset during your update for some reason.

Did not make any difference. I think it is because my profile is ProPhotoRGB.

The ARGB images seem to be ok or at least closer.

On your system the colour management in TPAI seems to be more mangled. I’m on 2.1.4 too, but all my images that I’ve used so far appear the same no matter what profile they have, even ProPhoto (when sRGB Preview Fallback is enabled).

Maybe try enabling and disabling it a few times. It didn’t work for the OP of this thread initially.

Thanks I will try it next time. Closed down for today.

Strange how the colours are way off.

I am not alone: Topaz Photo AI not using correct color profile when opened from Photoshop

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