Color problem with textures in Studio

I have been having trouble with the textures I put into Studio. They have a bilous yellow greenish cast when I use them. They show fine in the preview but not when used. The built-in textures look correct.

I thought it was a color space problem, but the textures are sRGB.


I have deleted all of my textures and tried to add some others. In this case flypaper textures. Same issue. If I load it directly as an image it is fine. If I add it as a texture to Studio it has a yellow/gold cast. This is a disappointment because I like the Texture adjustment.

Please post a screen shot of the texture when you use it.

Make sure also that the monitor/notebook screen is calibrated and set to display sRGB-IEC61966-2.1 if you are on windows.

I tried to upload two screenshots (but I can’t see them…). The first is a flypaper texture uploaded by me. The texture is outlined in blue middle right. It is pinkish. It is yellow when I use it.

The second screenshot is of one of your textures. It’s outlined in blue 2nd from the top, grayish with brown blotches, looking exactly the same in the preview as in the main screen. No hint of yellow.

My monitor is calibrated, but when you can see the two on the same screen, that really doesn’t matter. My textures are set to be stored on a different drive than my boot drive because I have a SSD drive but I can’t see how that would matter. If I load the texture as an image, it displays perfectly.

I guess upload was the wrong thing to do? I will try to drag and drop.

It doesn’t look right, but does it happen to all textures you have loaded? Also if you are using multiple displays make sure they have the same color profiles.

Note that this is a user to user forum so they are not ‘my textures’, my suggestion is that you should raise a support request on the Studio link in the header above as it seems that there is an issue with the way your texture is displayed.