[COLOR/LIGHT/EXPOSURE/CONTRAST CONTROLS] - Basic editing controls like we had in Adjust AI

It would be great if you could add to Topaz Photo AI, a tool to enable you to adjust exposure levels and vibrancy, as this is usually all I need to modify, once Photo AI has done its work.

Hi @adkins, thanks for your post! We actually may have something like this in the future, we don’t have any solid plans for this at the moment but I know this has been discussed recently within our team :slight_smile:


Photo AI is a great software but I think that it is missing a AI automatic basic color correction to tune the WB, curves, black - whites, saturation and color balances.
Please add it soon :wink:

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I’ve heard this being discussed amongst our team recently, we don’t have any solid plans to add this at the moment but it may be on one of our roadmaps soon!



[Please describe your idea and how it would be useful to you in your workflow.]
Add settings from AdjustAI

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It would be nice to be able to edit these values, like a regular photo editing program!

I may receive backlash for suggesting this one, but I would like to have an option to correct the contrast/saturation/tint/brightness levels etc. all at once by pressing an auto levels button.

I currently just use other editors to do this, but having it available would be nice!


It’s absolutely needed!


Don’t worry about backlash, we’re all here to try and improve the app together!

Good news, we’re actually releasing color & exposure correction models with v2.0 on September 7. Please update when that’s available and let us know what you think.

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Thanks Tim! Yes I have tested out the beta. Exciting times!

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Lots of amazing stuff brewing!!

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As it is now, Photo AI has the functionality of Denoise AI, Sharpen AI, Mask AI and Gigapixel AI. It would be amazing to have Adjust AI built in so that the exposure/tone could be part of the process. It would be one-stop shopping for batch processing images—sort of like Skylum’s Photolemur.

Longtime Topaz. Photo AI is absolutely the best they’ve produced. Would love to see adjust AI included per your suggestion. I wanted to attach clips before and after contest winner subject being rain. Can you help on how to.?

Together with noise, focus, and resolution, another big problem in photos, Is lightning.
The world Is full of overexposed and underexposed photos, burnt details or too dark ones, haze/fog effect etc, out there Is full of these problems.

Could be very good to think an ai software wich solves lightning problems easily, doing It manually often requires a lot of fine tuning (brightness, contrast, colors, sometimes even rebuild some small areas), i think that of we have an ai wich takes a 320x240 subject and takes It to a quite good 6x, we can also have Better lightning, am i wrong?

Some examples:
Those photos where half of the subject Is bright, half Is dark. photos so much Lit that the subject Lost some details or (skin Is almost Yellow White so You don’t see any texture even if You adjust light) or contour, or those photos where subject Is so dark that You can’t recover all of it

Think that would be a very good selling piece of software, and if You want You can also add something like color adjusting (b\n recolor, adjust colors like greenish tints to real Ones etc)

I did build a Style in Capture One over the years (since 2017) that does a decent job.

And since V23 you can also save layers, so its almost a oneclick wonder, before i have to rebuild it every time if i wanted to use it.

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Is there a Brightness adjustment coming, soon? Maybe, Exposure, Brightness, Shadows and Highlights? It would save a lot of time to just have those sliders available.

We don’t have any plans to add this right now, but it has been discussed in meetings before – so, it’s a possibility for us further down the road!

If “Rotate (vertical<>horizontal)” Brightness, Contrast, & Hue are added to Video Ai (GUI) in the future, Video AI enhancement will be more efficiently. These features will benefit our work.

I would like this too. On DNG images from Samsung Expert RAW, the result is very dark.