Color Grading

Question for some experienced users. I just bought Topaz Video because of the black friday sale (Thanks Topaz). I am trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my premiere work flow but have some questions.

I shoot in 4k Slog 3 10bit. So everything is uncompressed and I have all the data I can get for color grading in post. The biggest reason I bought Topaz was because I have shot in 24FPS many times when I wished I had shot in 60 or 120. So If I have a video I am working on and want a specific scene I want to slow down, denoise, deblur, etc. Do I first have color grade then export that specific short scene as 1080 (What I export everything as). Bring it to topaz, add the effect there, then export it back out as 1080 and then back into premiere into my timeline? Or can I add the effect to my 4k raw footage first in topaz and then bring it right over to premiere without it compressing the image and losing the flat log profile I shot in?

You might want to checkout the plugin they just released. Color grading is probably going to be an issue either way at this point. They need to work that out.

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