Color banding remove AI model + Grain added control slider in terms of luminance

Is there a model that can reduce color banding like dithering? Some model can reduce compression artifact but not banding, even using grain, the setting is not refined enough that most of the time the pure white area and pure dark area show grain, and it doesn’t look good at all.

Internaly, VEAI processes the footage in a high bit-depth (If I recall correctly, 16Bit) and some models (artemis for example) are able to reduce some cases of colour banding. Adding some noise can help. But as you already encountered, there are limits to that…
Things that can help:

  • Adding some grain prior to processing
  • pre-filtering with some debanding filters - load up the video in avisynth and try the evailable ones. If you are not into scripting by hand, download “hybrid” by selur, it has many built in.

  • if the ares of shadows and hilghlights are affected and contain no meaningful details, you could try to raise and lower the saturation points of the shadows/highlights…