I tried painting this by hand, but it went to hell in a hurry. With respect to “painting” I feel like I’m in the fourth grade. Paint, paint and paint some more - right? Anyway, I’m getting a new perspective on patience. I think I need to start painting simple things, like a single flower or an apple. Maybe get a watercolor journal and just play. For the record, I credit Topaz for sparking my interest in art, in general, and painting specifically. And I have a much greater appreciation for what it takes to paint something from scratch.


Painting pictures is a mixture of talent with a lot of practice. Some of us do better using software that allows for a lot of creativity while not requiring the brush stroke talent. You don’t know until you try (like playing a musical instrument). Even if you are never great at it the lessons you learn will apply to other art. Like you said, you really appreciate good art from others.

Doug, I love this painting so don’t see yourself short. It doesn’t matter how you painted it, its what looks good to the viewer.