Click Login -> "Opening Browser" shows and then nothing happens

I had 3.1.5 installed, and it asked me to log in (yet again) after not using it for a seemingly short period.

I click Login and then it changes to Opening Browser, then nothing happens. Upgraded to 3.1.7, hoping it was a temporary bug, and nothing happens still.

The log files don’t show anything related to the login’s browser launch attempt.

Anyone else?

I’m getting pissed. The DRM is too aggressive on paying customers.

Decided to do a re-install (wipe settings and etc chosen).

Now the browser will open when pressing the button, but the oauth page just hangs. I can log in to the site normally (to post here obviously, and on the regular site to see my account and purchases).

But logging in to authorize the exe does nothing. The exe doesn’t receive authorization.

Tried different browsers.

If your using a VPN check it’s settings. And use Safari or Chrome there should be no problems.

I am having the same problem. I have tried all the solutions here and I have payed good money to only have a trial version to use. I would love a working solution.

Does the browser open, what browser is it?

I have tried with different browsers open or closed and nothing seems to make a difference. I have my default browser set to Chrome

Raise a support request at the main website.

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