CLI w AutoPilot no longer outputs the specified Height

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Update AutoPilot to output 4800 for Height
  2. Use CLI to upscale
  3. Notice the file does not upscale to 4800 height. Actually the output file has the same dimensions as the original (1344x896, looks like it change the design so not a straight copy)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.0] on [Windows]

It also seemed to output to 4480 height previously on the new version sometimes.

I installed 1.3.12 and was also able to generate it to 4480 using the CLI, from 896 original height. That is 5x? But I thought it should be able to go 6x? I set autopilot to Height 4800. 4800/896 = 5.3571. Seems like it rounded down to nearest scale whole number, 5x.

For weeks I have been using a version 3 or 4 versions back; just upgraded today.

Also, when will we be able to specify the height/width with the CLI? I need that. Thx

1.3.8 has the right output dimensions… I went back to that for now… but please fix and also allow us to input these height/width with the CLI

We fixed the CLI upscaling so it’s working again in the latest versions of Topaz Photo AI.

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thx, will check it out sometime

where is the autopilot settings saved? any way to hack it? any idea when we’ll be able to pass it in? thx

BTW, is the code python or C++ or C# or …? curious

The Autopilot settings are in the Edit > Preferences > Autopilot menu.

We wrote Topaz Photo AI using C++.

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