CLI for png sequence possible?

I need a solution to hand over extracted video frames in png format to TVAI for processing and return them as png to another directory.

It seems this can´t be done with the new V3 CLI.
In VEAI 2.3 this could be done easily.
I really would like to be able to get the V3 quality with the V2.3 CLI handling.

Ok, found the code in the export area.
But it doesn´t work at all, no such filter “veai_up”?

In new versions it’s named “tvai_up” etc

Ah, my mistake thank you.
But prap-2 (proteus auto parameter v2) doesn´t work.

Is there a way to set the proteus parameters in the command line?

They can take -1.00 to 1.00. 5 in the GUI is 0.05.
Revert Compression is compression
Recover Details is details
Sharpen is blur
Reduce Noise is noise
Dehalo is halo
Anti-alias/Deblur is preblur


Great, thank you.