Clear Guidance Requested On Licensing

For many, it may not matter, for others, we are investing hardware into this application to be used for professional production.

When I purchased VEAI a year ago – I do not remember seeing mentions of a 2 seat license. In addition, there was no setup on how to do this and I easily ran 8 machines back then.

Now – the 2 seat license has slowly appeared. You buy the software and you get 2 seats. But I don’t see this being enforced and I don’t know when it will be enforced and on what version.

In addition, if you buy an upgrade, will you have to buy a separate upgrade for each 2 seat software purchase?

Finally, will there be discounts for buying 5 licenses, 10, 25, 100? With FCP before FCPX, you had to shell out $1800 for one seat. Upgrade, was for one seat. But they also had multi-license discounts.

Finally, when they discontinued FCP7 and switched to FCPX – they dropped the licensing. You bought and you could and can use it as many times on your Apple Account.

I don’t mind, as a professional, paying for additional seats. But the software is buggy and there is no time-line on how the licensing will be incorporated. There are no serial numbers that I see (unlike Apple).

Can someone please explain this situation. It also appears that you must have an internet connect to authenticate your purchase every time you load the software (even if you have downloaded the models).

Please someone explain the business model for this software that retails for the same cost of FCPX (but does not fully utilities the M1 chip and has full of bugs).

I am going to assume that my purchase of the VEAI a year ago – is for unlimited machines. I have no paperwork indicating anything different. I can also use the Wayback Machine to verify advertising at the time.

This software has good potential. I don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes on updated models. And there is no solid benchmark test results for basic equipment. I do get the feeling, there was a dispute on using certain code.

Many AI models are public domain. I highly doubt that their models were created 100% by themselves. In fact you can compile an application using open-source code to do similar – but it isn’t pretty. AI models are supposed to evolve. I am not seeing that here.

So are we paying for better models – that are superior to anyone else – or are we paying for a new interface and some features that have been around for years.

I don’t write this post as upset, but I write this as being confused – for the professional users. This software is advertised as a professional workflow application.

Let’s get some dollars, version numbers and dates on the licensing and get it cleared up.

Thank you.

The licensing would NEVER be for unlimited machines and Topaz has always had a single use licence that can be installed on 2 machines (only one active at any one time).

You need to raise a support request at the main website to have your questions answered.

Here is the current situation …

I think your statement “they would never” shows that you do not have 100% verification of this information.

I have emails with the company talking about what I am doing from a year ago and not once did they say - oh you must buy another copy. I don’t even know how you could buy multiple copies under the same credentials back then.

Regardless, saying you can install 2 seats on an “unlimited number” of computers is absurd and misleading and we all know this.

I have 3 machines running 2.6.4 and no message said you can only run one seat. They run normally under my credentials that are used only for my purposes.

None of my receipts say I bought one seat.

Really, that means they would only ever sell one copy of any software title … it could be installed on every computer and run by anyone with the credentials.

You need to talk to Topaz Support.