Clean up of stamped Noisy Videos 1994 VHS

Interesting ONLY with these settings my old VHS MP4 gets better if set iris lqv2 to manual and set it 0 and then clean up to max with NXF X4 slow but a real cleanup my video came to life 2 days 2 hour movie 4080 but it was worth the wait

For me i can only use NXF1 X4 in second enhancement the first enhancement requires me to set interlaced tor iris v2 LQ

But I agree I get a more polished output actually I am astonished how NXFv1 x4 on top of IRIS LQ manual improves the stone stamped mp4s

For me IRIS lQ2 and manual and 0

and NXF1 scale 4 is most impressive to clean up my old 1994 VHS incredible cleanup


I have one question I see the command but miss the sharpen setting from NXFv1

ffmpeg “-hide_banner” “-t” “9308.02” “-i” “C:/usbsf8008/New folder/20210101_044553B.mp4” “-sws_flags” “spline+accurate_rnd+full_chroma_int” “-color_trc” “6” “-colorspace” “5” “-color_primaries” “5” “-filter_complex” “bwdif=mode=0:parity=-1:deint=0,tvai_up=model=iris-3:scale=4:preblur=0:noise=0:details=0:halo=0:blur=0:compression=0:blend=0.11:device=0:vram=0.94:instances=1,tvai_up=model=nxf-1:scale=1:w=720:h=576:preblur=0.14:noise=0.02:details=-1:halo=-1:blur=-0.92:compression=-1:estimate=8:blend=0.09:device=0:vram=0.94:instances=1,scale=w=720:h=576:flags=lanczos:threads=0,colorspace=ispace=5:space=5:primaries=5:trc=6” “-c:v” “h264_nvenc” “-profile:v” “high” “-pix_fmt” “yuv420p” “-g” “30” “-preset” “p7” “-tune” “hq” “-rc” “constqp” “-qp” “18” “-rc-lookahead” “20” “-spatial_aq” “1” “-aq-strength” “15” “-b:v” “0” “-map” “0:a” “-map_metadata:s:a:0” “0:s:a:0” “-c:a” “aac” “-ac” “2” “-b:a” “320k” “-map_metadata” “0” “-map_metadata:s:v” “0:s:v” “-movflags” “frag_keyframe+empty_moov+delay_moov+use_metadata_tags+write_colr” “-metadata” “videoai=Deinterlaced and enhanced using iris-3; mode: manual; revert compression at 0; recover details at 0; sharpen at 0; reduce noise at 0; dehalo at 0; anti-alias/deblur at 0; focus fix Off; and recover original detail at 11. Enhanced using nxf-1; mode: relative to auto; reduce noise at 2; reduce large grain at -100; revert compression at -100; dehalo at -100; anti-alias/deblur at 14; focus fix Off; and recover original detail at 9” "C:\te

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Don’t worry too much about the sharpen missing from the metadata. I think they just missed putting it in, but it gets applied as specified.

I’m going to have to try out your setting on my home VHS movies. I’m still looking for better results than what I have gotten so far.

I thought Nyx Fast only supports x1. I also found that Iris3 all at 0 as you suggested in your previous post, does a very good Nyx like job at x1 and not much details are lost.
as for the sharpening not being in the metadata, I reported this as a bug already

X4 gives a different intermediate file with different results compared with X1.

Just as Topaz can squeeze files to do it faster it can also cleanup the noise of old videos and the loss of detail is marginal especially if the detail is mostly noise

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i’ll give it a shot

IrisLQ V1 (manual settings) and Nyx2 with 2x upscale for Iris and intermediate res at auto can sometimes do quite wonders as well:

This was with these settings:


I tried but I see now that Iris Lqv1 and 2 might not the best choice IRIS MQ might seem better fixed etimate and then NXFv1 4 X