Clarity Update (1.1) for Photoshop users?

Hi - I don’t use Lightroom…and have not downloaded Topaz Studio. However, I do want access to the latest updates for the plugins I use in Photoshop: Clarity and Detail for example. How can I update my Photoshop plug-ins? Will there be an update for the Photoshop version of Clarity? Thanks!

I just read over the release note for Clarity Update and it appears you have to have Topaz Studio to update from within it- can’t download updated version as separate plugin as before.
Personally I don’t like this as I like to use my plugins within several host programs and don’t want to deal with the extra weight of Topaz Studio to get to them, plus I won’t even try Topaz Studio until they get more of the bugs out.

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I agree. This seems like a money grab to force us all to Studio. I use the Topaz plug-ins through Photoshop CC and if in the future I can’t use the latest version, I’ll find another product. My current opinion of Studio is not very good.


By the way. I just installed the V1.1.7 of Studio and Clarity is still V1.1.0 which has been available for download since 12/30/16. It appears that this is NOY a new version…

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But the complete Topaz Plugin Collection is still being sold…seems strange to sell that if they are not going to update any of the plug-ins. Hello Topaz folks/moderators: would you please clarify your road map of products for the next year. Specifically, will you be updating the plug-ins that I can only access through Photoshop? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


The “Clarity Pack” is 2 Studio specific Adjustments that are available within Studio only, Studio is available as a Plugin and standalone editor. But first you need Studio, which I might add is free, then you can buy this pack if you wish to have Clarity adjustments directly in Studio …

Note that Topaz plugins can also be run directly from within Studio.

Studio is also available as a plugin in Photoshop.

I own the whole Topaz collection and all the plug-ins work just fine on my system in Photoshop CC. I’d not seen the need to look at Studio before but now that the update to Clarity is only available as a part of Studio I thought I’d at least take a look only to find that my iMac’s graphics card is unsupported. I’m guessing that eventually all the Topaz products will only be available as a part of Studio so it looks like the end of any future Topaz updates for me and anyone else in this situation?

so in other words, if I want to update Clarity (or Detail etc) as a plug-in within Photoshop, I have to purchase Topaz Studio which is available (after purchase) as a plug-in Photoshop. Could you confirm that.

This is not an update to your Detail or Clarity plug-ins this is a new product that is part of the Studio family.

I understand that but, that’s not how I want to use Topaz. To have to go into Studio first, with it’s high graphics overhead (my current GPU is already experiencing problems and, it only promises to get worse), seems to me an unnecessary step. How do you feel about a software company dictating when you should upgrade. If I can run Photoshop, Lightroom, On1, etc., I should be able to run Studio.

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Clearly Topaz isn’t dictating when you should upgrade they are just taking advantage of new technologies as PS, LR and ON1 RAW also do. If you want to try Studio simply install it as the basic application is free, the current technical requirements are noted here … note all applications have basic technical requirements:

Yes but you seem to running ahead of the industry. So let me see if I have this straight. If I do not buy the new version of Clarity specific to Studio, my current version (which still works from within Studio)will be stuck at 1.1.0?

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I am finding this really confusing. Topaz has always had updates to the products I have purchased. This needs real clarification - what the moderator appears to be saying is that there will be no updates available any longer UNLESS we use Studio and pay approximately $35 for an update. If that is not the case then someone please explain it in clear language.

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I’m finding this really confusing, too. I went through all the steps outlined according to the email. I’ve got the entire Topaz Suite, and my plug-ins were validated in Studio after running the update. I had to shut everything down and restart to get it all recognized, but when I came in through PS, using Topaz> Studio> Clarity, I immediately opened with Basic Adjustment, Precision Contrast, and HSL Color Tuning loaded. However, the email sounded like I would now “own” those other two adjustments, as if they were the same as Basic, with all the sliders. Instead, I get the non-pro version with a few Presets and one Opacity slider.

If that’s all there is to it, why on earth would I want this delivered to me this way? I’ll continue to go straight to the actual plug-in if I have nothing more than this, and wonder why it’s going to be more difficult for me to use Topaz plug-ins separately in my PS workflow. There IS a reason (for editability, among other things), to want to run the plug-ins separately. I don’t want to always have my Smart Object workflow impeded with my use of Topaz Studio, nor do I want the extra step of first entering Studio when all I want is to run Clarity.

What is this all about? Are we no longer going to get updates to our plug-ins that we access directly from PS (or LR, or whatever others use)?


In the email I received Topaz stated that the old version (e.g. V1.0) info was being replaced and that from now on the product would just be called Clarity Studio. Since, after I applied the Studio update to V1.1.7, Clarity still showed the old V1.1.0 (not Clarity Studio), I can only assume that I’ve got to BUY the new Clarity to get the Studio update. In other words, no more free updates.

Can you show me where I said that?

And, if you read the email, Clarity for Studio is a free upgrade if you already own Topaz Clarity … quoted directly from the email:

“Already own Topaz Clarity? As always, existing Clarity owners get upgrades to products for free as part of their lifetime upgrades. Simply follow this guide (using the same email address you purchased with) to get the Precision Contrast and HSL Color Tuning adjustments for free, automatically.”


Follow this guide:

BTW I should also mention that you guys who include you email as your name on your account on this Forum may want to remove it as it is a public forum and all can see it.

I don’t think they are running ahead of the Industry … if you already have Clarity this Studio version is free for you.

Just FYI Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, ON1 all use the GPU to do the intensive processing.

As with a lot of things here it is confusing. I tried to go through my settings to do that and can’t find where to do it. When I look through the settings for the forum, etc. - my email address is there but it only says never shown to the public. There is no option appearing to change it to not show it.