Clarity question

As pointed out in another thread, the Clarity functionality is accessed from the left panel and I am a bit curious as to why it is there and not just listed as another adjustment under the Adjustments button. Quite honestly, it is a bit of a pain to have to switch from adding normal adjustments to moving over to the other side of the screen, scrolling down to the Clarity and adding it there.

I assume there was a good reason for doing that, but what could it be?

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Mike, I think Clarity as such involves two or of the adjustments … Precision Contrast, HSL Color Tuning and Basic Adjustment. The left panel Clarity call out allows for the three of these adjustments to be on hand for altering as required.

Mike, Clarity as a plug-in contains some of the features found in Basic Adjustment, Precision Contrast, and HSL Color Tuning. In Topaz Studio you have two choices. You can build your own “Clarity” by invoking these three adjustment layers through the Adjustments button on the right hand side or from the pull down Adjustments menu in the top bar. The second choice is to scroll down the Styles bar on the left hand of your screen and invoke the Clarity and it populates the left side of with Basic Adjustment, Precision Contrast and HSL Color Tuning.

The beauty of the upgrade and inclusion of Clarity in TS is that there are many more adjustments you to tune your image just the way you want.

Trust this answers your query.

Clarity has a number of presets associated with it, I guess that is why it is in the left panel along with all the other presets

OK. I guess that makes sense. Thank you for the responses.

As a note, it might be helpful if the entries on the left side of could be re-ordered. The two I use the most, Favorites and Clarity, are way down at the bottom so I have to scroll down to access them every time. If they could be re-ordered it would make processing much easier.

If you click on the icon at the top left just above the Effects panel you can collapse all the categories so you don’t have to scroll down them to find Clarity. If you go to Preference you can set it to remember tag settings so they’ll stay that way.

Thank you. That simplifies my life.

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No problem.

Hi, If I already own Clarity will I get the full function of the Precision Contrast and HSL adjustments in Studio? Right now all I get is a bunch of Presets in the left panel and no adjustmnt ability.

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But you can do all the contrast and HSL work inside the Clarity module so should not need those adjustments per se (or drop back to GIMP for them)?