Clarity: Multiple masks?

Is it possible to create multiple masks in Clarity a la the adjustment brush in Lightroom?

A hypothetical example: use multiple levels of contrast on non-contiguous areas of an image.

Sure, just add more than one copy of the precision contrast Adjustment layer and mask in the areas you want to be effected.

Thanks, but how is that done?

Sorry my apologies are you talking about using Clarity plugin from Photoshop or Lightroom or are you talking about using Clarity in Studio? And then is it the Clarity Plugin or the Studio Clarity?

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Lightroom plugin.

If you are using the Clarity Plugin via Fusion Express from Lightroom then the answer is no. But if you are a Clarity owner you can get an upgrade to Clarity via Topaz Studio which will let you apply Clarity Adjustments, either masking in or out within the adjustment, as many times as you like.

The other thing is … Clarity in Lightroom using an adjustment brush is not the same type of Clarity adjustment as in Topaz Studio / Clarity.